Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review: Jacob of Avondale

Hey, blog followers! Here is the extended review that I promised you.

Jacob of Avondale
By: P. Craig Packer

***** 5/5 stars! This is a very fun, uplifting adventure book with just a touch of romance. It is set in a castle with the frivolous, gaudy, and power hungry King and Queen and their unexpectedly kind and down to earth daughter, Catherine. Jacob is an orphan servant in the castle who likes excitement but knows when to keep his head down. It all starts with Jacob seeing something he wasn't supposed to see, something that will change his life forever.

As the adventure begins and then throughout Jacob's quest, we encounter some magic that moves the story along without the magic taking over the story. The real story is about kindness, strength of character, and the importance of friends and family.

We see Jacob and his friends learn and grow throughout their journey while loving and supporting each other. We see all of the characters in the book be given opportunities to choose between right and wrong and how those choices effect those around them.

I love happy endings, I love when the good guys win, and I LOVE THIS BOOK!

This book would be great for readers about 10ish up and would be a super fun book to read as a family with only one warning, I had a hard time putting it down!!! 

Stay tuned for my interview with the author, P. Craig Packer, as well as the book offer!!

My original review:
I really liked this book!! It was mostly adventure with a bit of romance. A fun read that I had a hard time putting down. It is a young adult book probably good for 10ish up. It is clean with no bad language. Could be a fun bedtime book with the whole family!!

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