Thursday, October 17, 2013

Someone Is Going To Feel Like They've Won A Prize!!

Hey, peeps. I'm challenging myself and all of you to write one letter this week. I get so many adds and bills and junk that when I get any real mail, (baby shower invite, birthday card, wedding announcement, and the like) it feels like I've won a a prize! I get so excited that the real mail gets hung up on the fridge!!! ;)

I think I am going to write to my grandma for this challenge. You can pick whoever you want. I will probably write some random stuff and maybe a memory. Knowing myself, I will probably draw some random pictures as well. If I get super ambitious, I will have Talon dictate a message for me to write and have him color a picture as well. The real challenge will be to actually get it mailed off. I'm sure we have envelops and stamps somewhere....

Letter Writing Challenge: 1 Letter, 7 Days
  •  Pick someone to write to
  • Write to them
  • Mail it
  • Within 7 days
This is why I might struggle to find envelopes and stamps. 
This is our office desk. Yes, most of that clutter is mine. No, my husband isn't very happy about it. 


  1. That is why I love mailing out Christmas and Birthday cards! I love getting mail.