Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review: Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service
By Eiko Kadono
Translation by Lynne E. Riggs
Illustrations by Akiko Hayashi

***** 5/5 Stars!! A fun, cute book!  I have been watching (and loving) the movie for years without realizing that the book existed!! How is that even possible!?!?  The book and the movie have the same premise, Kiki, a witch girl, has to leave home at the age of 13 and make it on her own, using her witch abilities, for a year.  She flies off with her cat companion, Jiji, and ends up in a large town on the ocean shore and is lucky enough to meet a nice baker's wife, Osono, who gives Kiki a place to stay and helps her set up her delivery business.  Past that, the movie is really quite different from the book. 

This is such a cute little coming of age story!  It is a wonderful journey to follow Kiki through her first year on her own.  We watch her struggle, triumph, and grow through being on her own, making friends, figuring out love, running a business, solving problems, dealing with stereotypes/racism, and more. 

A quick read with adorable little illustrations. This book would be great for readers 8ish and up.  I understand that there are a few additional Kiki books (that may or may not be traslated???), but this book can be a stand alone book, no problem.  I loved it and I hope you all love it, too!!!

I really like Osono. She seems like my kind of gal!

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