Monday, October 21, 2013

Beech Boys

We sing the Thomas the Tank Engine song as a lullaby at our house. "They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight...." I can sing the whole song from memory. When Baby Archer cries, Talon rushes over to him and will start singing it. It calms Archer right down. 

Talon has a million Cars stickers. He puts a bunch on his arms but then they fall off all around the house. Cars stickers everywhere! On the carpet, in my bed, I find them stuck to the bottom of my feet while I'm showering, on the baby, and Mark even got made fun of by the guys at work for having one stuck on the back of his pants. Seriously people, everywhere!!!!

I brought a fun size Take 5 candy bar to church today. I pulled it out and took a bite then turned to Mark and Talon to hassle them. I said, "Sneakies," smugly to them and went to take another bite. The next thing I knew, Talon had grabbed the candy bar out of the wrapper, said, "Sneakies," back to me and popped it in his mouth lightning fast. Lol! That stinker knows how to survive at the Beech house. (Luckily, I had brought two Take 5's so I still got the other one.)

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