Friday, October 11, 2013

Get Excited About Jacob of Avondale!!

Some of you may remember that I read this book a little while ago and really,really liked it. Well, I have been emailing with the author, Craig Packer, and he has agreed to give me an interview!! I am super excited about this and literally had butterflies in my stomach when I received his acquiescence!!! :D

BEST OF ALL, Craig offered (because he is awesome like that) to either:
A. Give a free copy of Jacob of Avondale to one of my lucky blog readers
B. To make Jacob of Avondale available for purchase at half price (on a preset number if books). 

I need your help, blog readers! Let me know which offer sounds better to you, A or B.

Also, I would love submissions of interview questions! I am fully capable of coming up with random interview questions, but I would love to have the questions you have answered as well.  I will give you about a week to submit questions which should give those who want to read the book, time to do so.

Comment either on the blog or the blog's Facebook page your vote on the offer as well as any interview questions you may have. 

I'll be posting my extended review of Jacob of Avondale soon. In the meantime, I suggest everyone get to reading so you all can be as excited about this as I am!!! (You won't regret it ;)


  1. B, cuz then there's more love to spread.

  2. I will be a dissenterand vote for "A" :)

  3. I will be a dissenterand vote for "A" :)