Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Miracle Washing Machine

We do a lot of laundry here at the Beech House. For only having 4 people, it amazes me how much laundry we have. All. The. Time.

Memorial Day morning our washing machine broke. It made weird noises and then stopped working, full of clothes and full of water. (My heart about stopped along with it). Mark called his parents and they came down so his dad could take a look at it. 

Done for. No revival. Dead.

I had already purchased a movie ticket for Austenland so had to leave my family to get this taken care of without me. (I had so much fun with my best friend and her family and absolutely loved the movie!!). I kind of felt bad for leaving but a little bit not at all.  I got out of the movie and found out Mark had purchased a new washing machine. I got home to a fancy new machine installed and ready to wash. It works great!!

Now for the miracle part.
#1 Mark was home so I didn't have to deal with it on my own. 
#2 Mark's parents are awesome. They came down, looked at the old machine, went to buy a new one with Mark/watched the kids while Mark bought the new one, hauled the new one home in their truck, helped instal the new one/watched the kids some more, and hauled the old one away. Awesome. 
#3 Mark had recently gotten a raise and worked a bunch of overtime so we had a little extra money. 
#4 Memorial Day sale. 
#5 There was a floor model of a door buster that Mark asked about. The salesman said that they were going to get more in so he wasn't allowed to sell the floor model. Right then a manager walked by and told the salesman that Mark could have that floor model. The salesman had turned down 7 people before the manager said Mark could have it. We saved an additional $300 because of that. 
#6 It was all taken care of in one day. 
#7 I was able to see an awesome movie with awesome people and hardly had to be involved with the whole fiasco. :)

This broken washing machine was hardly a problem and more a reminder of the Lord's mindfulness of us and the tender mercy he is continually showing us. I know that this really is an example of a miracle in my life. :)

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