Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have been crying on and off for the last week. I have to go back to work on Monday. I originally thought I had to go back today, but my HR has me back Monday, which I'm okay with. I think I am going to cry all day Monday missing my baby. It will also be hard to adjust to waking up early again.

For over 5 years now I have been eating dinner at about 11pm with Mark. Now that I'm not going to be able to take naps after work, I don't know how the dinner situation is going to work. I hope I will still be able to see my husband during the week.

As much as I am going to miss my baby and this is going to be hard, I think it is going to be good as well. Mark and the baby will be able to bond which wouldn't have happened if Mark were to be working the 2 jobs. Also, I don't think that I could take care of the baby completely by myself Monday through Friday. I think I would literally go crazy so it's probably better this way.

Wish our family luck for next week when our schedules change and get back to serious business.