Monday, March 21, 2011

House Business

Yes, I realize it has been months since I have posted anything on my blog and to my hand full of followers, too bad. Turns out I don't have a lot of time to compute.

We have been looking at houses for a while and have put in offers on a few short sales with nothing coming through. It is very stressful and while it started out fun and exciting, is now just frustrating. I think we have finally found the house we are going to buy. It is in Foxboro in NSL. We are in the middle of the offer/counteroffer stage but I think it will all work out. This house happens to be located in my sister's old ward.

This next Saturday we are moving in to Mark's parent's basement until we have a house to move in to. The drive to work is going to be horrible. I hope we get a house soon.