Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Best Book Club Ever!

I am lucky enough to be part of a super awesome book club. The girls in the book club are great people and great friends and I am lucky to know them.  I'm a better person for being a part of their book club and therefore being their friend!!

Most book clubs have the person hosting book club for the month pick a book. It could be any book. Maybe everyone will like it, maybe no one will. If the book doesn't look interesting, will people read it? It's possible. I don't really like this set up too much. 

The book club that I am lucky enough to be a part of does it differently.  The person who will be hosting the next month's book club brings book options to this month's meeting. (I'm hosting in Dec so I get to bring books tonight!!) The person bringing books will bring about 6 options, usually a few that they have read and a few they have not read.  After discussing the current month's book, we start going through the next month's options. The next host (and person who brought the book options) tells a bit about each book and then we pass the books around so we can all take a look. After that, we vote. We usually start with two votes per person to narrow down the options to two or three books. From there we do the final vote, one vote each. 

I love how we pick books!!! We all have a say and so are more invested in the books we read. Most everyone reads the books every month and we all usually enjoy them as well. This opens up the opportunity for a better discussion as well better inclusion.  I would recommend that more book clubs do it this way...the awesome way!!

My book club is the best book club ever! 

If you are wondering which books I am bringing as options to book club tonight, wonder no more!!

I have not read the top two books, 'Sky Jumpers' or 'Touch of Power.'  I have read the bottom three, 'The Truth About Forever,' 'Along for the Ride,' and 'Not Your Average Fairy Tale.'

I'm also bringing 'The Emperor's Soul' (which arrived at the library after my trip up there this morning causing me to have to stop there again on my way to book club.  Good thing I like the library :).  I've already read it and I loved it.  This picture, as I have it on my Instagram account, is actually one of my fav pics.  A super good book with a super cute cover (yes, it matters to me) by a super good author combined with my favorite ice cream (which I literally wrote a whole post about) can't be beat!

Find out more about my book club choices by clicking on the book pictures below.

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  1. what a GREAT idea! I am totally going to bring this idea to the table tonight at book club. FYI my friend Chantele Sedgwick wrote the book Not your average fairy tale and I am ashamed I have not read it yet. Maybe she can show up to your book club next month for the review if you pick that book;)

    1. I loved 'Not Your Average Fairy Tale!' We did end up picking that book and I am super excited. Maybe I'll send her a FB message to see if she would like to join us for book club ;)

  2. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite authors. The Truth About Forever is my favorite of her books! I highly recommend it!

    1. You are the one who introduced me to her books and I also like that book. :)

  3. Book clubs are awesome. I love mine as well. We usually decide together what we'll read like yours does. But sometimes we'll all pick one book. Also I completely agree with you on that book covers matter. I'll be posting on the book I won from you soon, I promise. Hopefully when I get back from our weekend trip.

  4. Oh also you should check out the delicious reads blog. They are a seriously intense book club. I follow it for ideas. It's actually by my cousin's SIL. My cousin has no idea that I stalk it. I figure it's okay b/c she has so many followers.