Monday, November 18, 2013

Hair Rinsing Horror

Today my sister and I were talking about that horrible stage (if for any of you it is more than a stage, I'm so sorry!!!) when kids won't let their parents rinse their shampooed hair.  All through babyhood there is no problem rinsing their hair until one day, it all changes.

First, you might try to pour water on their hair.  They will usually start screaming,crying and flailing at this point.  Next, you might try to get them to lay back in the water to rinse their hair that way.  Not happening!  Since they have already been throwing a huge fit, they are completely past reason and think you are trying to drown them as you try to lean them back.  This, will cause a complete hysterical reaction from the child.  You may now try to splash a little water on their hair to get the shampoo off gently, which, for this child who has pretty much completely lost it, triggers 'fight or flight.'  You are now stuck with a kid who is not only splashing you, but is also trying their best to get out of the tub and run out of the bathroom...with the shampoo still in their hair.  At this point, parents, we all loose it (I'm assuming it's not just me :\ ).  We start screaming, swearing, spanking, and then end up just grabbing the kid and shoving their head under the bath faucet.  It's not like we are going to kill them (unless they keep kicking us...), it's just a little water!  After 30 minutes of fighting with your kid to get their hair rinsed, you are probably soaking wet, exhausted, and could use a warm bath of your own.

Not looking forward to this stage to come again.

Have you gone through this with your kids?

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