Sunday, October 3, 2010

Today's Bath

Mark was giving the baby a bath today in between conference sessions. Right at the beginning he called in to me and asked if I could watch the baby because as he was bringing the baby to the bath, the baby peed and Mark needed to clean it up. While I was keeping an eye on the baby, he was making serious business face. I told Mark that the baby was going to poop and said that the baby knew better than to poop in his tub. I came back to checking FB when Mark calls out that the baby pooped in his tub and that he needed help. Mark pulled the baby out of the tub and held him over the other side of the sink while I dumped the poopy water down the main sink. Our kitchen sink was full of poop water. So gross. I had to clean the baby tub, the sink, and Mark had to rebath the baby. We ended up missing the first 30 minutes of the last session of General Conference because of this fiasco. It was funny but horribly gross.
This was one of his first baths at home and in the same sink tub.